The Burying Party

The Burying Party

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Richard Weston’s ‘The Burying Party’ featuring Matthew

Staite tells the fascinating story of Wilfred Owen’s

final year on earth, 100 years after his tragic death in

World War One.

Director Richard Weston and Writer Laurence Thompson’s

remarkable film follows the oneiric journey of the greatest

war poet, beginning at his internment at Craiglockhart

Hospital leading to the landmark literary meeting with

Siegfried Sassoon, to the devastating Battle Of The Sambre.

This tremendous tale features the powerhouse on-screen

debut of Matthew Staite, Sid Phoenix (Florence Foster

Jenkins) as Siegfried Sassoon, Joyce Branagh (Othello) as

Susan Owen and Benjamin Longthorne (The Young) as

Corporal Thompson.

This true story tells of a milestone in world literature, of

forbidden love and ultimate sacrifice.

Screened as part of the 1918 - 2018 Centenary