The D-Day Darlings - live on stage

The D-Day Darlings - live on stage

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The D-Day Darlings, finalists on TV's Britains Got Talent, in their very own theatre show, live on stage at The Regal.

Relive the good old days of wartime Britain as the delightful D-­Day Darlings take you on a musical journey back to the heart of the 1940s. Performing the most memorable songs that kept a nation smiling through its darkest days, the “Songs That Won The War” has established a strong following across the UK with its theatre performances spanning almost a decade.

The Show

The story begins with the D-­Day Darlings listening to the declaration of war speech on the wireless. Following the unsettling news, the vocal harmony trio say goodbye to lifelong friend, John Adams, as he leaves to fight for the country. Before his departure, the soldier notices an advertisement in The Times newspaper outlining an opportunity with ENSA, an agency providing entertainment to the British armed forces.

As the tale unfolds, we see the Darlings at home working hard to keep the spirits of the homeland bright with their uplifting harmonies. John later returns with the news that the trio have been waiting for; a request for them to perform in “The Greatest Show on Earth”, where they will have the opportunity to entertain and provide strength to the nation’s troops.

The production is pieced together with the most popular music of the 1940s, featuring songs by The Andrews Sisters, Vera Lynn, Gracie Fields and many others. With a series of authentic costumes throughout, the show is further complemented by a backdrop of original film footage of life and events from the era which adds to the nostalgic experience.

A story which depicts the courage and community spirit that kept our nation strong, “The Songs That Won The War” offers a lighthearted journey through wartime Britain. Reviving the melodies that filled the airwaves during the time, The D-­Day Darlings sing sweet 1940s harmonies throughout this heartfelt tale. With a patriotic and uplifting energy, this is a show which will have you waving your flags and singing along whilst taking you on a trip down memory lane.