The Amazing Thing - Live On Stage

The Amazing Thing - Live On Stage

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


A treat for the Whole Family this Holiday Half Term, with this International Puppet Theatre, live on stage at The Regal.

“As I was walking down the beach, one bright and sunny day,

I saw a great big wooden box, a-floating in the bay.

I pulled it in and opened it up, and there to my surprise,

I discovered a ...?..?..?... right before my eyes!”

What’s in the box? A strange and weird thing? Something terrible, or a thing of beauty?

Storyteller, Peter Grimm opens the box to find the ‘Thing’ that takes him on an unusual journey that weaves it’s way through a medley of well known Brother’s Grimm tales, to finally unlock his imagination and free his stories.

A truly original story told with puppets, acting and live music. Fun, inspiration and a delight for all the family.

Peter Grimm is a descendent of the famous Brothers Grimm. He has inherited the tradition of his ancestors and tells their stories as they were written down 200 years ago. The closer you sit to the stage for this one, the better!

All Tickets Only £7

(£1 restoration levy included in ticket price)