Vesta - Live on Stage

Vesta - Live on Stage

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'Vesta’  - Worcester's Wonder of the Music Halls

Written and directed by Chris Jaeger and performed by Claire Worboys.

Vesta Tilley is one of the most remarkable female entertainers that has ever lived. Born in Worcester on May 13th. 1864, she became an international superstar, equally famous on both sides of the Atlantic. She always appeared on stage dressed as a man, although ironically, she did a great deal to further the cause of the women's emancipation.

When she retired, nearly 2 million people signed the 'People's Tribute to Vesta Tilley'. She was one of the most beloved performers ever, taken to the very hearts of the British people.

Worcester Rep. proudly presents 'Vesta’, a one-woman theatre show about the life and music of Vesta Tilley, written by Chris Jaeger and performed by actress and singer Claire Worboys. It contains 11 of Vesta’s songs and Claire's performance will both delight and enchant audiences as well as give them a historically accurate insight into her life and times.

Please Note: This professional touring show is presented in our new Studio Theatre

Lunchtime Matinee includes free tea & coffee