Regal trust FAQs

Regal trust FAQs

How was the Regal Managed in the past?

The Regal had been owned and run by the Town Council for many years, but in a non proactive way. This meant that a wonderful local asset spent more time closed and sitting idle than it did, open, entertaining people.

Who will own the Regal?

The Town Council will continue to own the Building.

Why run the Regal under a Management Trust?

Many local people didn’t really feel that they had ownership and consequently showed a lack of interest. The Town Council are not in a position to commit additional resources either financially or in time, so without change the situation would not improve.

With more focused management, there will be more local ownership and much more opportunity for fund raising and for obtaining grants.

There is also much more scope to make full use of the facility and therefore increase the income, and as a “not for profit” company any income above expenses can be re-invested in the facility. The Trust is also be a registered Charity, which brings other financial benefits.

The Trust is overseen by a Board of Trustees.

How will the Trust be Structured?

The programming committee book and arrange all the events, including films for the cinema.

The marketing team bring together the promotion of all the events, presenting much more coherent marketing, with a quarterly brochure, flyers & posters.

The front of house team are responsible for providing the ushers and running the box office.

A technical team ensure that all the facilities of the Regal are available and volunteers or staff were in place to operate them.

A commercial concession run the licensed tea rooms, to maximise the earning potential of the building.